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    Structured Data + SEO Gold - Melbourne SEO Recap for May 2019📅 Published on May 08, 2019 by Peter Macinkovic
    🕑 18 min read 🖹 3575 words

    The first Tuesday of the month means another Melbourne SEO Meetup! The May 2019 Meetup was interesting for the Melbourne SEO Meetup and exciting for me because it is the first time in almost a year in which I get to present! I love geeking out with my fellow…

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    Is there a difference between link relationships and sameAs microdata?📅 Published on February 09, 2015 by Peter Macinkovic
    🕑 4 min read 🖹 643 words

    I often contribute to StackExchange websites, mainly to the Webmasters StackExchange as SEO is the main topic there. I plan to go over all of my (successful) answers on the Stack Exchange website and dive deeper in my blog. Jason Chisel asked the following…

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