Hi, I'm Peter Macinkovic

eCommerce SEO Specialist from Melbourne, Australia

Just a Digital Marketer that gets to works on the web and loves it!

My name is Peter Macinkovic and I am a Digital Marketer and eCommerce Specialist - spending my time tinkering away on Shopify.

A used to work agency side as a Project Manager but found my true calling in SEO and Digital Marketing.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my beautiful wife, Aki, and I know more about the mechanisms of a good skincare routine than I ever thought I would need - a perk of getting into the beauty and personal care industry.

Kiana Beauty is where I do my marketing thing on a daily basis, helping promote skincare, makeup and fragrances to the fine people of Australia. Doing SEO in Shopify is hard, but doable, and where would the fun be if you did SEO in easy mode?

Peter + Aki

Who is Peter Macinkovic?

I studied B. Design Multimedia (Systems) at RMIT which gave me a broad spectrum of knowledge across design, computer science, engineering and business.

Now, I spend my time implementing marketing and technology strategies for online retail in the beauty/persona care setor – helping Kiana Beauty Melbourne grow into uncharted waters.

I get to work on some really cool and interesting things like:

  • Lots of custom Information Architecture design within the confines of Shopify
  • Maximising organic reach via SEO strategy whilst playing SEO on hard mode with Shopify's limitations
  • Paid amplification with Google Ads, Product Listing Ads and Facebook Audience Engagement
  • Fun with Marketing Automation sequences with Klaviyo

The great thing about our industry is that a Technical Marketing person like me didn't even exist when I started University way back in 2008.

The ability to apply my development and analytical skills to a field like marketing is super fun, valued and ever growing.

Stuff that I like and I am really good at

The start of any SEO project begins with the audit and the firestarter of any good audit will be the crawl analysis. Tools like Screaming Frog and Sitebulb makes SEOs lives easier by crawling through a website, identifying 'spider traps', technical problems and issues on scale. From there, you can make a plan to perform fixes on a one-to-one basis and on scale to improve indexability, crawlability and SERP performance.

Shopify has exploded in popularity in the past four years as a user friendly, frictionless ecommerce experience. As a hosted platform, it comes with strict limitations that provide a challenge in implementing complex Information Architecture and best practice SEO. Working within these constraints and pushing the liquid templating language to its limits can make the most out of a Shopify store to sell online.

You can only control what you measure. Google Analytics is an enterprise level analytics tool available for everyone and is critical for understanding how your web application performs. Creating filtered views, segments, reports, integrating with Google Ads and Search Console data to gain insights on your paid amplication and organic campaigns. Others tools like Yandex.Metrica complete the toolset, gaining heat map and session recording insights.

Melbourne has a thriving and inclusive technology community and it is on full display with many of the local Meetups. I have attended Meetups regularly for the last five years, with the Melbourne SEO Meetup being my monthly ritual to catch up with friends within the SEO space. Other Meetups I try to attend every once in a while are the Melbourne Shopify Meetup, Drupal Meetup and eCommerce Meetup. Come by some time and say hi =)

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