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What am I all about

My name is Peter Macinkovic and I am a Technical SEO Strategist and eCommerce Specialist - spending my time tinkering away on web platforms like Shopify.

After working in-house as a Digital Marketer for an online beauty retailer, I now work agency side at Innovate Online as a specialist in all thing technical in the world of search and organic discovery.

As a Techbnical SEO, I do my tech magic thing on a daily basis to help plan roadmaps, perform migrations and audit crawl traps for our fine clients such as JB Hi-fi, Spotlight, Metricon and many more.

Peter Macinkovic

Many of the SVGs and icons on this website were provided by The Noun Project

Spider Web

flavor wheel Spiderweb by Marta Ambrosetti from the Noun Project

Single origin

Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Sometimes, this is a single farm or a specific collection of beans from a single country. The name of the coffee is then usually the place it was grown to whatever degree available.

Sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways based on an understanding of ecosystem services, the study of relationships between organisms and their environment. What grows where and how it is grown are a matter of choice and careful consideration for nature and communities.

Direct sourcing

Direct trade is a form of sourcing practiced by some coffee roasters. Advocates of direct trade practices promote direct communication and price negotiation between buyer and farmer, along with systems that encourage and incentivize quality.

Reinvest profits

We want to truly empower the communities that bring amazing coffee to you. That’s why we reinvest 20% of our profits into farms, local businesses and schools everywhere our coffee is grown. You can see the communities grow and learn more about coffee farming on our blog.